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 ISBN 0-9661044-2-0
 176 pages  •  $16  
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Copyright © 2003-2012       SAY WHAT YOU LOVE 

Your happiness is precious –– it shouldn’t have to be illusive. You deserve to feel effortlessly provided for by the Universe. BUT HOW? 

In this refreshing little book, SAY WHAT YOU LOVE opens that door to the Universe so that you’re able to receive more abundance, Love, and grace in all your affairs. 

Luckily it's a quick and revealing read. 

You will instantly hold the key to easier manifesting after your very first reading. You’ll become a magnet to frequent miracles by putting SAY WHAT YOU LOVE into practice.  

Now you can dust off your Wish List and start magnetizing what you truly, deeply, dearly Love! Discover what it means to be completely supported to create & fully express who you’ve came here to be.

It’s time to tap the Power of Love 
It’s time to be in touch with what we LOVE unconditionally. 

This single, small shift in your attention can immediately spark improvements in your relationships, health, career prospects, esteem, intuition, and even your bank accounts.
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Remember to gift your important people with their own copy of SAY WHAT YOU LOVE, including: 
    • best friends
    • clients, staff, and customers
    • as well as family or co-workers who try your patience
 ISBN 0-9661044-2-0
 176 pages  •  $16  

Tap into the 
Power of Love